Why Pay More than You Need to For Meds?

Recent studies show that the US spends 18% of its GDP on the cost of medical care. Prescription drugs make up a large part of that expense. On a positive note, we are discovering more and better ways of treating any number of illnesses with prescription medications. Unfortunately, part of the cost of these meds falls to the consumer.

Are you paying too much for your prescription medications? If you don’t have your free prescription card, the answer is undoubtedly “yes.”

Super Rx Card provides a free prescription card
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There is no health screening and no questionnaires. Everyone qualifies. All you need to do is place your name in the space provided, click the Create Prescription Card tab and then print your prescription discount card. You will be automatically eligible for the prescription discount card program.

Our prescription discount card program could not possibly be any easier. Just present your free prescription card to your pharmacist when ordering your prescription. Most major pharmacies will accept your free prescription card. We also have agreements with thousands of local pharmacies (always check with your local pharmacist. If he doesn’t accept the Super Rx Card yet, ask him to call the toll free number provided on your card).

Discounts vary from 10% to as much as 75% on certain prescriptions.

We offer discounts on most medications, both name brand and generic. The exact amount of the discount will depend on our agreements with your pharmacy and the pharmaceutical company which manufactures your medication. The amount can vary from pharmacy to pharmacy and medication to medication, so we recommend comparison shopping for all of your medications.

You can benefit from the prescription discount card program even if you have major medical insurance with prescription coverage, if you are in a deductible period or if your medication is not covered by your insurance plan print your free prescription discount card today and stop paying more than you need to for your prescription medications.

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