Prescription Assistance Programs Can Help Medicare Recipients

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When you are on Medicare there are a lot of different options for prescription drug coverage. Since it can be very confusing to try and choose the right program for you, many people have ended up without adequate coverage for their medications. If you are on Medicare and don’t have part D insurance, a free discount prescription card could help you better afford your medications. Discount cards are not a substitute for insurance, but they can help bridge the gap of prescription coverage by discounting medications that are not covered by the insurance.

Donut Hole Coverage

There can be a whole lot of beneficial and needed prescription medications and supplements that are not covered by Medicare, either because of the dictates of the particular insurance or because certain medications and vitamins simply are not covered at all. Minerals and vitamins in particular tend not to be covered by most insurance programs, but are often prescribed by doctors for the treatment of a number of conditions. This is where a great discount card can help you pay less at the pharmacy cash register. Anytime you medication is not covered by your insurance, you can see if it qualifies for a discount with your prescription card.

Using Free Prescription Discount Cards

Discount cards are relatively simple to use. There are no eligibility requirements, fees, waiting periods or health questions. All you need to do is enter your name and print out the card. If you don’t have a printer available, you can note down the information listed on the card. Once you have the card or the information present it to your pharmacist the next time you go to pick up your medications. It’s a good idea to have the pharmacy keep the card on file so you can be given any available discounts automatically.

Pharmacy Participation

If your pharmacy doesn’t participate in a prescription assistance program, chances are good that another one close to you will. There are over 60,000 pharmacies nationwide who will accept prescription discount cards, including all of the major chains. Wal-Mart, Walgreens, CVS, and Eckerd’s Pharmacy all accept this discount card as do thousands of other local pharmacies around the country. To get a list of participating pharmacies, you can use the pharmacy lookup tool at There you can enter your zip code and find a list of every participating pharmacy in your area.

SuperRXCard is where you can go to print the best prescription discount card for your needs. The card can be printed any number of times and for as many people as you like. These discount cards carry an average savings of over 30% on the cost of prescription drugs. To generate your free card visit online or call 1-877-321-6755 today!

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